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Priority for the BCause Foundation is to target the given funds to finance NGO activities.

Priority activities of the BCause Foundation are the use of given funds to finance NGO activities. We do this in several ways:

- Financing from payroll giving

- Grants on a competitive basis from the BCause funds

- Grants on a competitive basis from company programmes

- Assign a partner role to NGOs in implementing company programmes.

Financing by payroll giving

Since the Foundation has introduced for the first time the payroll giving mechanism in Bulgaria in 2001, dozens of companies and hundreds of people working there have used this tool to easily and securely support their favourite charity causes.

For organisations, payroll giving is an opportunity for regular and predictable earnings to help them plan their activities. Every year, dozens of organisations receive funding from BCause as a result of payroll giving.

Examples of funded organisations: "We exist too" Association, “Tacitus” Foundation, Foundation “Children”, Samaritans Association, Green Balkans and many others.

Grants on a competition basis from company programmes

The BCause Foundation is a partner of many companies in the development and implementation of their giving programmes. The Foundation advises the companies to support partner NGOs to ensure sustainability of their support and investment in the capacity of organisations working on the specific issue.

BCause organises competitions with and on behalf of companies.

Programmes are open or closed depending on the giver’s conditions and the size of the funds.

Examples of company grant programmes supported by BCause: Mtel Eco Grant - an annual giving programme that finances small projects in the field of ecology, the programme of TBI Bank "Sports for a Better Life for Children with Disabilities".

Assigning a partner role to NGOs in implementing company programmes

Since its establishment BCause Foundation has been a partner of companies in the process of developing and implementing social engagement programmes - from the choice of cause, the study of the problem and the approaches to its solution to the realisation of the ideas. Together with the companies, we are working to increase social investment in sustainable development rather than with short-term measures.

But we do not do it alone - we rely on the expertise, professionalism and experience of partner civil organisations. We work together on the implementation of corporate giving projects.

Financing programmes

Financing programmes